World Giraffe Day

Zoosiana's World Giraffe Day Celebration is June 21st!

Join us as we celebrate the longest necks in the Animal Kingdom on the longest day of the year! On June 21st, Zoosiana will be hosting our Annual World Giraffe Day Celebration. Come enjoy special giraffe-themed activities, giraffe feedings, and more! Purchase a Giraffle Ticket for a chance to win an original painting created by one of our giraffes. 

All proceeds from our Giraffle will support the Giraffe Conservation Foundation.

Why is Conservation Important?

Giraffe numbers are dwindling in their native habitat, and the reticulated giraffe was just recently listed as endangered. It is more important now than ever to provide opportunities for giraffes to contribute to their global population's growth. The giraffe population is decreasing primarily due to habitat loss and hunting. Therefore, facilities with giraffes in human care are doing everything possible to establish and grow family units.

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