Learning is wildly fun!

Zoosiana has been called the "most innovative learning laboratory in Acadiana." Why? Zoosiana offers the most unique classroom in town: a zoo!

Have you ever wanted to ask a question about your favorite animal to one of our talented Zoo Keepers? Attend a Keeper Talk presentation and you will!

All of this can be done as you stroll the zoo and enjoy seeing and learning about the wonderful animals living at Zoosiana. Stay in touch with us on-the-go by following us on social media and liking us on Facebook!

Teachers and Educators: supplement your lessons and curricula with a zoo field trip. We have done our homework to feature all of the need-to-know information on our animal signage throughout the zoo. We have made our field trip program incredibly easy and convenient for you - we are proud to be your #1 field trip destination!

Moms, Dads, and Kiddos, too: An everyday trip to Zoosiana is "zooper" fun, and you can learn a lot, too!

Scouts and like-minded groups: Stay the night at Zoosiana with a Starlight Safari adventure! The package includes many fun details; check it out!