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Welcome to Zoosiana - where we connect our guests with animals and fun! Since 1992, we have provided children and families from in and around the Acadiana area with a fun and enjoyable experience to learn about our planet's wildlife - all while being a center of excellence in providing top notch care to the animals that call Zoosiana home.

Visit us today to see and learn about all of the wonderful animals living at Zoosiana.

Starting Monday, July 13th, masks will be required to enter Zoosiana and must be worn while inside our gift shop and when placing orders at the Concession and Snowball stands.

Per the Governor's order, masks are required to enter a business, but this requirement does not apply to "an individual who will be able to maintain strict social distancing of six feet apart from any other individual (outside of their immediate household)." Therefore, masks are needed to enter Zoosiana but may be removed while walking our pathways only when the Governor's criteria to remove a mask is achieved. The mask requirement also does not apply to "any individual who is consuming food or drink;" therefore, masks may be removed when eating or drinking at our concession and snowball stands, but will be required when placing an order.

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