Safety is the #1 priority. All guests are expected to adhere to all warnings and instructions and are to be respectful of the railings and other barriers that are intended to maintain a safe environment for our guests and animals.

Cruelty to animals, to including taunting, excessive screaming, and throwing of objects, is not tolerated and may lead to legal recourse.

Guests are expected to take care with the park, its facilities, and components. Vandalism and other destructive and disruptive actions are not allowed.

Do not litter.

Zoosiana is a 100% smoke-free environment. Thank you for respecting the comfort and safety of our guests and animals.

For the safety of our animals, no outside food or drinks are allowed.

No pets may be brought in to the zoo at anytime (see information on service dogs, below).

Shoes and shirts are required of all guests.

Modest dress, as a courtesy to others, is expected of all guests and revealing or offensive clothes are not considered appropriate. Those wearing articles of clothing containing obscenities, vulgarities, or profanities will be asked to change their clothing or wear their shirts turned inside out. Admission may be denied if clothing is deemed inappropriate for the family atmosphere. Some language, gestures, and suggestive art on apparel may be considered inappropriate. Management reserves the right to address these issues with all guests and all clothing is subject to management review and discretion. The cooperation of our guests is greatly appreciated.

Anything else generally accepted by society as being unacceptable and/or wrong is also not allowed at Zoosiana.

To our guests with service dogs:

Zoosiana does not allow pets or outside animals to visit the facility, other than service dogs as defined by the American's with Disabilities Act (ADA):

  • Service animals are defined as dogs that are individually trained to do work or perform tasks for people with disabilities.
Zoosiana gladly welcomes all guests to the zoo, including guests requiring service dogs.

While human guests are encouraged to visit all areas of our facility in compliance with our regular rules and expectations posted throughout the facility, we ask that your service dog adhere to these additional requests:

  • As apex predators, the large cats do not respond favorably to an unfamiliar animal. Please do not linger in these areas or attempt to draw attention to your service dog. Our apex predators include lions, tigers, and leopards.
  • Two particular species at our facility are sensitive to unfamiliar animals. We ask that service dogs pass through these areas without lingering. These include the giraffe and llama areas.

  • For the safety of our guests and resident animals, service dogs are restricted from visiting certain areas. These include our interactive exhibits: ZooLive Animal Show in the Zootorium, Parakeet Feeding Station, waterfowl aviary, Giraffe Feeding Station, and Petting Zoo Barn.

We are glad to have you visit our facility today, and we know you care for your service dog as much as we care for our animals, so please be sure to keep your service dog under your complete control during your visit and to not allow the dog to cause any distress to our animals.

Finally, we appreciate your understanding that our intentions with these requests are to ensure the safety of all humans and well being of all animals, including yours, here at the zoo. Thank you!