Help Build Zoosiana's new Giraffe Center!

Zoosiana is so blessed and fortunate to have a healthy, growing family of giraffes! We are just as privileged to have a wonderful community of families who visit Zoosiana and love our animals as much as we do.

In addition to being Earth's tallest land animals, giraffes are also affectionately referred to as "gentle giants!" A mother giraffe, in particular, is incredibly affectionate and protective, and will frequently touch and lick her calf.

What is so unique about giraffes? They have long necks, of course, but also have extremely good eyesight and hearing. How many bones are in a giraffe's neck? Seven, just like us humans, although the giraffe's are longer! Want to know more? Come out and visit the giraffes at Zoosiana!

Our growing giraffe family needs more room

Children and families throughout Acadiana can quickly identify Gabriel - he is Zoosiana's male giraffe and is nearly 16 feet tall! Evangeline is one year older than Gabriel, though not quite as tall. Gabriel and Evangeline met here at Zoosiana and have done a great job of establishing a family, starting with Josie in 2016. Fast forward to today, and we now have Millie, born in September 2020!

In order for our giraffe family to continue growing, we need to provide them with more space to roam and a larger barn. Zoosiana has dedicated a pasture habitat to move the giraffes into a bigger, greener space. The area on the north side of the zoo needs a new barn and other necessary infrastructure to accommodate the giraffe family and future calves. The pasture is large and wide open, and is the highest ground in the zoo.

Josie (2016)
Millie (2020)

Why is this important?

Giraffe numbers are dwindling around the world, and the reticulated giraffe was just recently listed as endangered. It is more important now than ever to provide opportunities for giraffes to contribute to their global population's growth. The giraffe population is decreasing primarily due to habitat loss and hunting. Therefore, facilities with giraffes in human care are doing everything possible to establish and grow family units.

Zoosiana is off to a great start, but there is still a long way to go (and grow)! With a new, larger Giraffe Center, we will be able to manage reproduction and compatibility much more effectively and introduce unrelated giraffes into the herd.

We need your help to do this!

Everything is expensive these days, not the least of which is construction. The Giraffe Center will require a brand-new barn, commercial heaters, specialized (very tall!) doors, modified fencing around the entire pasture area, utilities, and other necessary infrastructure. Please consider donating to our Giraffe Center fund through the "Donate" button on this page. Donations are made to Friends of the Zoo of Acadiana, Inc., a 501-c-3 non-profit organization. All donations made for this purpose will go directly towards the new Giraffe Center.