Zoosiana is open daily from 9am to 5pm (weather permitting)!

Zoosiana is open and excited to welcome guests! During Louisiana's reopening Phases, some limitations and restrictions will apply to the zoo's services. 

What will be available?*

Admission into the zoo to see our wonderful animals: tickets can be purchased at our admission window on the day of your visit.

Shopping in our Gift Shop (with reduced capacity).

Enjoyment of our Critter Café Concession Stand, Safari Train Ride, and Gem Mine (call 337-837-4325 for today's hours).

*In compliance with state and local rules, reduced capacity will be enforced; we appreciate your understanding and flexibility with this matter; this list is subject to changes without notice.

What about the zoo's other amenities and attractions?*

Zoo amenities closed temporarily include the Petting Zoo Barn, Giraffe Feeding Station, ZooLive Animal Show, and Parakeet Aviary.  





The Safari Train and Gem Mining will be open on select days and hours as restrictions are lifted - call 337-837-4325 for today's hours.

*This list is subject to changes without notice.

All guests are required to adhere to strict social distancing practices. Guests and family groups must avoid congregating with other guests and family groups. Zoosiana is laid out with numerous pathways, please avoid crowds by taking a different path and returning to the area after others relocate.

Safety is most important and is a shared responsibility. Please do your part by following the guidelines published by the various governing authorities and the rules provided at the zoo. As we all adjust to this “new normal,” please have a spirit of flexibility and understanding.

While Zoosiana was closed to the public, our animals continued to receive topnotch care and love, as always. If you would like to still help, please consider donating to our animal care fund by clicking the button below!





Any amount is accepted and sincerely appreciated, and it will go straight to the continued care and well being of our beautiful animals.

Thank you for your understanding, and stay safe.