Internship Program

Keeper Internships (for pre-determined college credit)

Zoosiana internships are an excellent way to gain experience in various animal fields while helping a conservation-minded organization. Interns are utilized in a variety of capacities at Zoosiana.

Thank you for your interest in interning with us. This intern opportunity is a service that we are providing to and for potential interns.

Zoosiana offers a limited number of Keeper Internship slots each year. Preference is given to applicants currently enrolled in a related college major who are seeking to apply the internship towards their academic progress. The internship program is perfect for current students or recent graduates looking to gain experience working in a zoological environment. The Keeper Internship is an unpaid position. Zoosiana has certain time commitments and general requirements that must be met.

Internship General Information

  • The internship program lasts three months and will run all year round to accommodate education requirements. A normal work day is from 8am to 5pm with a 1 hour lunch break, rain or shine. A break-room is available if you would like to bring your own lunch.
  • You will be required to attend a 1 hour orientation (by appointment only) prior to starting your internship. Orientation includes an overview of rules and regulations and a brief tour of the zoo.
  • Please sign up for the days that fit your schedule. Your presence will be expected on the days that you select. Three absences will result in forfeiture of your internship.
  • As an unpaid intern, you are responsible for any and all materials covered in Zoosiana’s employee handbook. A copy is available for you to review at all times.
  • While you are on the grounds, you are representing the zoo. You are expected to follow all employee rules at all times. Proper and appropriate language, attire, etc. will be expected (see employee manual). Customer friendliness will also be required.
  • The zookeepers that you will be working with will report on your progress. Failure to comply with their instructions, warnings, etc. could result in forfeiture of your internship.
  • This internship may include some and/or all of the following duties, and is subject to change: cleaning enclosures, preparing diets, cleaning/maintaining equipment used for animal care, exhibit maintenance/enhancement, feeding animals, assisting zoo keepers, assisting maintenance personnel, and so on.
  • When you are scheduled and present, you are expected to be productive.

What is the difference between the Zoosiana Intern and Volunteer Programs?

  • The Internship Program is designed for people who are on a college-level academic path and who will be at Zoosiana for a specified length of time.  Interns are here to meet certain and select requirements in the program and apply that progress towards their coursework.
  • The Volunteer Program is designed to cultivate a long-lasting relationship between Zoosiana and the volunteer.  Volunteers participate in multiple areas of the zoo and are here for both their own enjoyment and to benefit the zoo.



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