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GLE Information

Zoosiana is right for you!
Zoosiana field trips mix strong educational components with loads of fun and excitement to ensure your group leaves smarter and with a smile :)

A visit to the Zoo is educational in so many ways. With all of the different aspects of the Zoo, a teacher or educator can tap in to several different subject areas. Nearly all disciplines, from having younger groups use their five senses, to having older groups compare the diet habits of several different species, can be enhanced.

We reviewed the published list of Science GLE's (Grade-Level Expectations) or benchmarks and we believe a field trip to the Zoo can enhance or accomplish certain requirements*:


(PK-CS-I1) (SI-E-A1), (PK-CS-I1) (SI-E-A1), (PK-CS-P3) (SI-E-A3), (PK-CS-L1) (LS-E-A3), (PK-CS-L1) (LS-E-A4), (PK-CS-L1) (LS-E-A6), (PK-CS-L1) (LS-E-B1), (PK-CS-L1) (LS-E-B1), (PK-CS-L1) (LS-E-C1)


(SI-E-A1), (SI-E-A3), (PS-E-A1), (PS-E-B3), (PS-E-C3), (LS-E-A2), (LS-E-A3), (LS-E-A4), (LS-E-B1), (LS-E-B3)

Grade 1

(SI-E-A1), (SI-E-A3), (LS-E-A1), (LS-E-A1), (LS-E-A2), (LS-E-A3), (LS-E-B3), (LS-E-C1), (LS-E-C1), (LS-E-C2)

Grade 2

(SI-E-A1), (SI-E-A1), (LS-E-A1), (LS-E-A4), (LS-E-B1), (LS-E-B3), (LS-E-C1), (SE-E-A2)

Grade 3

(SI-E-A1), (LS-E-A3), (LS-E-A4), (LS-E-A4), (LS-E-A5), (LS-E-A5), (SE-E-A1), (SE-E-A3) (SE-E-A5), (SE-E-A4), (SE-E-A5), (SE-E-A5)

Grade 4

(SI-E-A1), (SI-E-A1), (LS-E-A3), (LS-E-A5), (LS-E-A6), (LS-E-B2), (LS-E-B3), (LS-E-C1), (LS-E-C1), (LS-E-C2), (LS-E-C2), (LS-E-C3), (SE-E-A1), (SE-E-A2), (SE-E-A2)

Grade 5

(LS-M-A3), (LS-M-A5), (LS-M-C1), (LS-M-C2), (LS-M-C2), (LS-M-C2), (LS-M-C3), (LS-M-C3), (LS-M-C4), (LS-M-D1), (SE-M-A2), (SE-M-A4)

Middle School

Grades 58

Grade 5

(LS-M-A3), (LS-M-C1), (LS-M-C2), (LS-M-C2), (LS-M-C2), (LS-M-C3), (LS-M-C3), (LS-M-C4), (LS-M-D1), (SE-M-A2), (SE-M-A3), (SE-M-A4)

Grade 6

(SE-M-A6), (SE-M-A6), (SE-M-A8)

Grade 7

(PS-M-A9), (LS-M-A3), (LS-M-A3), (LS-M-B1), (LS-M-B2), (LS-M-B3), (LS-M-B3), (LS-M-B3), (LS-M-B3), (LS-M-C1), (LS-M-C2), (LS-M-C3), (LS-M-C3), (LS-M-C4), (LS-M-C4), (LS-M-C4), (LS-M-D1), (LS-M-D1), (LS-M-D2), (LS-M-D2), (LS-M-D2), (SE-M-A8)

Grade 8

(ESS-M-B1), (ESS-M-C7), (ESS-M-C7), (ESS-M-C7)

High School

Grades 912

(SI-H-A5), (SI-H-A2), (SI-H-B1), (SI-H-B2), (SI-H-B2)

Physical Science

(Recommended for Grade 9)



(Recommended for Grade 10)

(LS-H-C1), (LS-H-C1) (LS-H-A3), (LS-H-C2), (LS-H-C3), (LS-H-C4), (LS-H-C5), (LS-H-C6), (LS-H-C7), (LS-H-C7) (LS-H-G2), (LS-H-D1) (SE-H-A6), (LS-H-D2), (LS-H-D2), (LS-H-D3), (LS-H-D4) (SE-H-A7), (LS-H-E1), (LS-H-E1), (LS-H-E3), (LS-H-F1) (LS-H-E3), (LS-H-F1), (LS-H-F2), (LS-H-F3), (LS-H-F4)

Environmental Science

(Recommended for Grades 11/12)

(SE-H-A1), (SE-H-A1), (SE-H-A3), (SE-H-A5) (SE-H-A7), (SE-H-A7) (SE-H-A10), (SE-H-A8), (SE-H-A9), (SE-H-A9)

*This list is based on our own, independent 2011 review and interpretation of the published GLE's.


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