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EggstravaganZoo in One Photo
4/19/2014 2:47:20 PM

Spring season is always a busy time for us here at Zoosiana.  It's the time of year that our community is reawakened with excitement to go outside and have some fun.  Our animals, too, get rejuvenated with the spring air - they bask in the warm sunlight, slough off the thick winter coats, and, often times, tend to new born babies. 

Our flagship spring event is EggstravaganZoo.  Every year, we feature activities, festivities, and the continuous Easter Egg hunt (provided by Cumulus Broadcasting Lafayette) for our extended Acadiana family.  It is always a well-attended weekend that is thoroughly enjoyed by the children and families who have grown to love our family-focused events.  This year, though, it was a little different.

In the twelve years that my family has been with the Zoo, we have never had to postpone a major event.  As EggstravaganZoo approached this year, we could not ignore the significant weather that was forecasted for the weekend.  The exact predictions varied slightly from hour to hour, but the weekend seemed to promise nearly a 90% chance of rain and potential tornado-qualify winds.  We had to make a judgment call and postponed the event until the next weekend.  As luck would have it, even with all of the predictions indicating bad weather, the original weekend featured only overcast skies and no rain - but we had to stick to our decision.

Delaying the event one week (the new dates being April 12 & 13) really did not have an effect on the actual event.  It did, though, prolong our set-up time and routines - which caused our zoo staff to be extra tired by the end of the event (Sunday evening).  Fortunately, weekend number two had great weather and many people came out to enjoy the event and its festivities. 

My task on major event weekends is to be a "runner" - I have to frequently visit all of the stations and areas of the zoo and provide help where help is needed.  One of those stations was my dad (Zoo Director George) who was working a check-in table for a private company party.  His booth was at an entrance gate in the parking lot and he was able to briefly chat with several people arriving to and departing from the event.  During one of my visits up there, we encountered one mom pushing her baby in a stroller, and could not resist asking her for a picture.  This baby new exactly how to enjoy Zoosiana's EggstravaganZoo: visit all of the zoo's offerings, burn off all of your energy, and then fall asleep before even leaving the parking lot!


Thank you to everyone who came for the event, we hope you had a great time with us!

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